Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Call To Arms

In response to my fellow Fellows whining, I post a call to arms.

Personally I think the blog suffers from nothing other than commitment. Good Lord people it takes very little to pound out 300 words on virtually any subject there is and hit "post". We can scrap the project if you'd like and I'll reinvigorate the POH (I have a wonderful co-branding opportunity under way thanks to the prolific Mr. Smith), but this would register as something more than a moderate disappointment with me.

We've managed to assemble a stable of wildly creative (Cap'n Fritters? The Old Mule, Brookson, Patricia and that cute little guy.....I mean what the hell!) reasonably talented writers who lack one small item.

Guts! Perhaps this is because two of our founders are from an area of the country that built a monument to those with the gumption to leave, but I hate ascribe the blame to them and use the excuse solely for the opportunity to get in a stolen line from the Simpsons. The fact is that we simply need to put pen to paper and crank out the wild tales that I know we are capable of. But it's going to take a good 20 minutes a day people.

Lets face it, My Ann Coulter stuff was brilliant. Danger, guns, sex and one of America's most loathsome personalities all wrapped in to one squirm inducing tale. Hell, we even had murderous A-Rabs! Could I buy a comment to help the narrative along? Nope. Bo's Lincoln tale, while completely bizarre and not nearly as good as my effort (keep that to yourself) was terrific, yet we had trouble mounting the effort to support the guy! He even posted a picture of that drooling beast the little guy calls a companion!

The truth is, in the time it takes to type "I'm busy with work" or "I'm applying for grad school" a comment could be posted. In the time it takes to post two more excuses, some original writing can hit the web and continue our quest for an audience.

To quote the late, great John Blutarsky, "Did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?! No! Lets.....go! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

So there you have it folks. 353 words, 12 minutes, numerous grammatical errors but still sufficiently rousing to incite at least one of you to comment. The questions is do you have the guts?



Blogger Bo Steed said...

Major X: your call to arms is more a clarion call to action. You have always been a "doer", and I fear we may have some of our Fellows who are too much into "thinking," and not enough doing.

Frankly, I have wondered if some of our Fellows were so taken with idea of being associated with a journal that has P.D. "Bo" Steed on its letterhead that they forgot that some effort on their part might be required. I am used to this sort of coattail-driven behavior at The Law School as well.

As for your referencing my Lincoln essays as "bizarre," let me just remind you that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Given the scrapes you and I have been in (and out of) together, I never would have expected such a kick to the groin coming from you.

And, regrettably, I cannot help but wonder whether your comments have the all too troubling ring of Heightism motivating them. But alas, I suppose such behavior is the cross I have to bear in this life.

It's a good thing I have been paying extra attention to my deltoids in the gym lately, as my shoulders must bear so much.

12/21/2006 9:01 AM  

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