Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Outrage of the Week-2

Imagine the horror: some gallows humor broke out in Baghdad last week, and it would appear that the late Mr. Hussein was made fun of before his (not so) Long Slow Goodbye. "In an unofficial cellphone video recording that was broadcast around the world and posted on countless Web sites, Mr. Hussein is shown standing on the gallows platform with the noose around his neck at dawn on Saturday, facing a barrage of mockery and derision from unseen tormentors below the gallows."

Mockery and Derision. At a hanging, no less. I am willing to bet these same rubes would have snickered while Hitler's corpse burned, or while Goering puked up his last bit of bile. In the Era of Feelings, we presumably are supposed to actually give a crap that Mr. Hussein's feelings may have been hurt.

Moments before he was killed.

I have taken note before that we indeed live in seriously addled times, and the dearth of irony in the above quote--embedded on the front page of our nation's Paper of Record--establishes this point once again.


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